• Journal of Management & Science

    Journal of Management and Science (JMS) is Management and Science University's official journal. It is an online journal open-access. It is a specialized journal that focuses on the outcome of original science, technology and management research.

    Published Journal of Management & Science is a peer reviewed journal. Published in June and December twice a year. The journal's editorial committee is committed to ensuring that papers meet high standards and published through its review process.

    Journal of Management and Science aims to provide a central point for sharing and disseminating knowledge and information on technology, technology and management related issues. The Journal offers a wide range of original research on current development and developments in management and technology related fields.

    The topics covered in this journal are research papers or documents, case studies and also literature reviews, and are not limited to them.

    The editorial board accepts articles on ideas, business models, academic research, consulting plan and institutional practice from both scholars and practitioners. The Journal is available world-wide

  • Journal of Optometry, Eye and Health Research

    Journal of Optometry, Eye and Health Research (JOEHR) aims to focus on local and international contents involving a wide range of research, case reports and industries updates in optometry, eye, and health research covering the entire fields of optometry, vision sciences, medical and health sciences such as anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, clinical psychology, medical imaging, ophthalmology, vision science, nutrition, forensic sciences, optometry, pharmacology, physiology, public health, health management and system, health care delivery, health economic, practice management, occupational safety and health, health policy, food and nutritional science, behavioral optometry, health education and sports vision. It will also cover about the biology of an animal and environment ecosystem related to human health, with an emphasis given to natural biology and systematic planetary determinants

  • Journal of Leadership & Entrepreneurship

    Journal of leadership and entrepreneurship (JLE) is one of the journals publish by MSU Publication. It is an open-access online journal. Provide a multidisciplinary forum to the academics and practitioners to publish their high-quality works. The editorial committee of JLE is committed towards ensuring publication of articles that meet high quality standards through its double-blind review process

    We invite all contributors and readers to submit paper in JLE. JLE has a strong team preparing this and our aim is to make this paper something that is widely recognized in academic and practical circles. JLE is a scholarly, multidisciplinary, internationally refereed publication focusing on Power Creation, Advocacy Leadership, Philosophy Psychology, Social Enterprise Management, Social Venture and Globalization with a wider emphasis and Globalization.

    Today, JLE aims to be a journal that will be a strong source of scientific knowledge and it is in this forum that we encourage active writers, interested researchers and dedicated researchers to continue to support us in our efforts. Welcome everything and maybe this is the start of many great things to come.

    JLE is an online peer-reviewed journal published twice a year in June and December.

  • Journal of Halal Studies

    The Journal of Halal Studies (JHS) is published by Management and Science University. This is the pioneer journal dedicated for Halal studies in theory and practices, across the Muslim majority and minority geographies. Malaysia has become a leader in the world's halal industry, with consistent economic development and growth rate as well as political and social stability amongst its strengths.

    The focus of JHS is to be a main reference journal in all aspects of Halal research areas whether in Asia or internationally. This journal covers original research in Halal for the Medical Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Business, Marketing, Accounting & Finance, Food Service Technology, Information Technology and Innovation, Hospitality and Tourism in compliance with the halal and toyyiban aspects as approved by our editorial board members trained in halal certification by the Malaysian Halal Certification Board under the governance of JAKIM. JHS publishes articles which are: based on quantitative or qualitative empirical work, conceptual, theory driven, literature reviews, case studies, book reviews, executive interviews, and thought pieces - without preference biannually.